Ten Impossible gadgets that will shock the hell out of you

Ten Impossible gadgets

Do you ever feel that there are several things you actually do not know; Probably things you ever thought were impossible? Yes, things like downloading food, online water streams, and the likes. Okay that’s not what I’m talking about this time. Right about time, I will show you the Ten Impossible gadgets that will shock the hell out of you.

PhoneSoap (Phone sanitizer)

Ten Impossible gadgets

Well, we start with something so interesting. Who of you reading this blog actually thinks of the number of germs piling that gadget you are holding. It a lot, trust me.

But did you know you can just place that gadget right in the PhoneSoap and it gets sanitized right away? This gadget “PhoneSoap” uses UV light technology to eliminate germs. This is number one in our list of the Ten Impossible gadgets that will shock the hell out of you.

Handheld Printer (Handjet)

Gadget two in the Ten Impossible gadgets that will shock the hell out of you is a handheld jet printer that can print anywhere. This can print on wood, plastic, and cement. It is convenient and easy to use.

Bubbly Blaster Champagne Sprayer Gun

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What do you think this one is for? You may actually need this kind of gadget if you are this champagne person. No need to lift this bottle to pour but just pull the trigger and shoot out champagne into the glass.

Smart Oven

Ten Impossible gadgets

This Alexa Smart Oven will still blow your mind with its functionality. It looks like a microwave yet it functions as a convection oven, air fryer, and even a food warmer. Teaming up with Whole Foods, you can simply scan a food package, pop it in, and Alexa will prepare it to perfection every time.

Electricity-Generating Wood Burner

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Trust me, from the many camp stoves you have seen, you haven’t seen the BioLite CampStove. Made for the great outdoors, it takes the wood you burn inside and transforms it into electricity. Then, you can use the built-in USB port to charge up your Smartphone. In addition, it also doubles as a camp stove for cooking

Flashlight Pry Bar

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This small Hunt23 Ultra-Compact Flashlight pry bar measures just 34mm long. Despite this, it disperses 100 lumens of light and also functions as a handy pry bar. Luckily, it attaches to your key chain so you won’t lose it.

Lishtot TestDrop Pro Instant Water Quality Tester

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The TestDrop Pro is truly an impressive gadget. This compact device is an instant water quality tester. Despite fitting on your key chain, it can test more than 20 water contaminants. These include E. coli, lead, and even pesticides. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it can also perform the test in as little as two seconds. Oh, and the battery lasts for thousands of tests.

Townew Self-Changing Trash Can

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Raise your hand if you hate dealing with the trash in your home. townew is here to change that. Armed with a clever mechanism inside, this trash can actually changes itself. With a built-in sensor, it knows when the garbage is full. Then, it automatically seals the full bag, making it ready to be removed so you don’t have to deal with the odors. To take it a step further, townew then replaces the bag all on its own.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Surround-Screen Smartphone

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Some smartphones are getting bigger, and some smaller. Xiaomi went in a different direction with the Mi MIX Alpha; They gave it a screen that wraps around the device. Both the front and the back of the device features the display. On the side, you’ll see details such as battery life and network signal strength. It’s essentially bezel-free aside from the panel that houses the camera.

NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill

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If you hate working out, the NordicTrack X32i might be the device that gets you to love it. This futuristic treadmill sports a 32-inch touchscreen display where you can join in live and motivating workout classes. There are 16,000 classes to choose from so there’s no way you’ll get bored. Or, if you want a touch of the outdoors, you can use the Google Maps feature to run the route of your choosing.

Amazon Echo Frames Alexa-Enabled Eyeglasses

Ten Impossible gadgets

These Alexa-enabled eyeglasses are the smart glasses we’ve all been waiting for. You get hands-free access to Alexa anywhere and everywhere you go. With your voice, you can request anything that you normally would from your Echo speaker, like requesting a song or adding food to your grocery list. And, it houses smart speakers that direct the audio towards your ears, keeping anyone around you from listening in.

That is our list of the Ten Impossible gadgets that will shock the hell out of you, hope you enjoyed the read. Come on, subscribe to our emails, and share us with your friends.

Nelson Nyombi

Nelson Nyombi is a writer, and author of the novel “The Curse At Standbirth.” A professionally trained Software engineer, passionate about technology. Nelson has spent the last six years reading and writing reviews, interviews in tech, and tech novels. He has been a lifelong writer and began his journey in 2013 winning a college writing contest. Nelson writes SEO articles, reviews and interviews for Ugtechmag.com, Axedsubtech.com and he makes his home in Uganda, Kampala.

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