How to create WhatsApp business profile for your business


How to create WhatsApp business profile for your business

WhatsApp, like Facebook has also provided space for businesses owners to create accounts with them. I have received uncountable emails from many of you on how you may create WhatsApp business profile for your businesses, betting companies, trade and money exchange, and Online shopping platforms. 

Today it’s what we are going to talk about and I will take you through everything related to WhatsApp business profiles, how to Create WhatsApp business profile, the feature available and what customers view while contacting a WhatsApp business profile.

What do you benefit if you create WhatsApp business profile?

The steps of how you can create WhatsApp business profile are simple to recall if you have been using WhatsApp for all this time. You will be able to manage and market your business easily since many customers are using WhatsApp.

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Businesses using WhatsApp will be listed as business accounts, so users will know they are talking to a business, so there is less chance of fake profiles

Features available in WhatsApp business profile


You can organize your contacts or chats with labels to find them again easily and remember the context. For example, you can label a conversation as ‘new lead,’ so even when the customer responds after some time, you can quickly identify that this person is a potential customer.

Messaging statistics

WhatsApp Business offers business owners access to important metrics such as how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered and read.

Automated messages

Like with emails, you can set an away message when you are unable to answer so your customers know when to expect a response. You can set it up to send them away message:

What Viewers see on your Business Profile?

  • Your business name and description
  • Business email address
  • Link to your website
  • Store or office address

Steps to follow in order to create WhatsApp business profile

How to create WhatsApp business profile for your business... whatsapp business profile

  •  Download the app
  • Open the app and choose from business or not a business.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Enter a phone number (they give you a chance to change before they verify it).
  • Create a profile.

Image result for 23.	How to register for Whatsapp Business account

You can only use one of the two – WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business – for any phone number, so make sure you don’t use your personal phone number while signing up for WhatsApp Business account.

Using business phone number will also help with seamless business verification later. WhatsApp Business helps entrepreneurs to connect more efficiently with their customers.

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