How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

Well it’s been an overwhelming concern of walking long distances just to apply for a passport. If you have applied for a Ugandan passport using the old means of paper documents before, you can tell how Ugandan Online passport has simplified everything for us. With the new system that enables you to apply Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport, life seems a bit smooth.

Before, you were required to visit your Chairperson LC1 for a letter that propels you to the LC2, to GISO, DISO, and so on and so forth. It was really a long process, tiresome and expensive for some individuals. Of course, you had to splash coins for every office you entered; this meant that without at least 50-70k, it was hard for you to proceed through all those levels.

Fortunately, all that crap is done; you can now sit in your room, or lie down on your comfortable bed and Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport, without paying extra unnecessary penny, not even sweating over a very hot afternoon sun.

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Today I will take you through these simple steps you must go through while you apply for A Ugandan Online Passport. Note that, before you begin to fill the form, you need to have the following.

  • National ID next to you,
  • Know some relevant information about your parents,
  • And be informed about your location.

Simple steps to Apply for a Ugandan Online Passport

Navigate to the online passport portal
How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

You will see a screen like the one above, if you are applying for the first time, you will be requested to click on the “Start New Application” icon on your extreme left.

If you are resuming with your application, could be you applied before and never completed your application, just click on “Resume Saved Application” Icon to proceed.

The blue button on your left with “Schedule Appointment” label is the last step to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport. It only applies to those who have completed all other steps and now are ready to visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The last blue button on your right with “Application Status” helps you check the status of your application, either pending or complete.

Note that every field marked with a red star is compulsory for you to fill. You will not be prompted to move to the next page once such a field is missing.

Start your application
How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

Let’s proceed with starting a new application since it’s our topic today. After clicking the extreme left button, you will be redirected to a fresh page as shown to you above.

This is a simple page only capturing a few primary details about you. Feel them in correctly before continuing to the next page of the online passport application.

Specify the type of Online Passport to apply for
How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

On this page, you will be asked to specify which type of passport you want, either ordinary (Most people apply for this), or Diplomatic.

Fill in Your personal details.


Now it’s time to fill in your personal secondary details, this is the reason why I told you in the beginning to keep your national ID close to your working table, both NIN and card number is captured in this form.

Choose your Nationality


Tick Ugandan if you are, and press the middle bottom button to continue to the Parent Details page

Fill in your parents’ details
How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

How to Apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

Alive or deceased, all information, all this information is required. This part of the online passport is tricky because you need to have a full record of both your parents.

The pages that follow won’t be any hard for you. Just make sure you provide valid information about you. On the recommender’s page, however, you will be asked to present his/her NIN. That means your recommender must have sent you his details too before you start the process.

In the payment section, depending on the type of passport you applied for, the amount of money to deposit in the bank as your payment shall be reflected on the payment slip.

Print out this payment slip and proceed to your bank to accomplish your online passport payment. Before that, the payment status will stay pending.

A Summary of steps to follow in order to apply for A Ugandan Online Passport

  • Log into passport portal
  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.
  • Answer simple security questions
  • Complete the passport application form
  • Print Passport Application Payment Advice Form
  • Make payment for the selected type of passport using the selected payment method.
  • Schedule appointment for a date of your convenience using the schedule appointment link on the home page
  • Print Passport Application Appointment Form
  • Report to the selected passport Centre with the passport appointment form with the appropriate application requirements displayed on the website, for enrolment.

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