Have you tried the new My Airtel App? It’s big fun!

Image result for my airtel appThis is new and big! With the new My Airtel App that AirtelUG launched recently. The new release comes with Airtel money an incorporation that phases out the old Airtel Money App from the market.

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The App includes all other Airtel services in a single layoff, things like SMS bundles, Goods purchase and payments, Buying Data and voice bundles and lots more services we are familiar with when it comes to Airtel service users. It’s fast and freely downloadable to your Smartphone, with a single click and start having fun that awaits you. The new release is available on Google play store.

Improved Features in My Airtel App

Account Transaction History

In addition to Mobile and airtime balance reflection, the app also displays a detailed transaction history for both Airtel Money and also the Self-care services. You can track what products and services you paid for along with the transaction numbers.

Integrated Self-care & Airtel Money service

It’s no longer a requirement for you to download two applications, in this same case, you save your dear space while you are still enjoying all services incorporated in this many in one My Airtel App. Earlier, the Self-care app would initiate the Airtel Money app for services it wouldn’t offer but right now both services work in a single app.

Accessing all services with a single click

The old version of My Airtel App had issues of usability whereby a user had to first recall a bunch of code before he/she can use any other services embedded in the application. That was a lad of work, but thanks to Airtel for the new My Airtel app usability. You can access a service of your choice for example Pay Bill, Buy Bundles, Airtel Money Pay, Send Money, Add Money and Withdraw Cash with a single click to open or to load the desire service.

The User Interface has been improved

With new functionality incorporated, both the old Airtel self-care and Airtel Money App had their own strength and weaknesses that have been addressed in this new release. It’s just what we needed; every optimization issue known in the older versions has been corrected.

Airtime & Data balance is always reflected

Without dialing or making any airtime balance inquiries, you are able to view the reflection of your balance on the new App. Another interesting bit of it is that once you have connected your Airtel Mobile Money account, also your Mobile Money balance shall be reflected on the new My Airtel App. There is no need of dialing again once you have installed the new release.

Help & Support

You can get answers to Frequently Asked Questions and any inquiries frequently made by other customers through the Airtel Portal. It’s like there won’t be any need for you to call the help lines anymore with every other details presented to you apart from those so more critical inquiries.

SIM Registration status

The app also presents every other vital information about your SIM card such as SIM Serial Number, registration status, account type, activation date.

What did they miss?

No Me2U

This is a simple Airtel feature under SIM toolkit for sharing Airtime with another line. Sadly, it didn’t make it in the New & Improved roster.

No Security lock

With all this sensitive information reflected on the app dashboard, Airtel did not cater for the privacy of its users either with a fingerprint lock, patter or pin password just like bank apps.

Some features don’t work

When we tried for Pay Bill, we couldn’t complete the transaction. We were forced to go back to USSD as some features don’t work as advertised, just yet. We will keep you updated.

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