Get free Airtel 5GB Data By Activating 4G-LTE SIM card Now

It’s big, and it’s here again; Airtel Uganda is giving out free Gigabytes of data if you can swap to their new 4G coverage. It has been a while ever since Airtel introduced their 4G-LTE SIM network, way back in 2017 but few people have found fun in using this bulletin fast internet connection. Get free Airtel 5GB by simply swapping your 3G SIM card to 4G-LTE

What are the costs of Swapping?

It’s free to swap your current SIM card to a 4G-LTE SIM card from Airtel Uganda, but if you are a new subscriber, then you will need to pay only 2000Ugx to get a new 4G-LTE SIM card from Airtel. The most amazing thing in this deal is that, you replace or swap your old Airtel SIM card and Get free Airtel 5GB while enjoying the new rocket fast internet.

What do you get?

The speeds and stability of Airtel’s 4G-LTE network is tested and proved to be health for any Smartphone, modem and MIFI that supports the new 4G connectivity. It has been working for the past years and from a deeper user view; we recommend it for use to all Ugandan internet live streamers.

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On addition to the stability, fast speed internet, and proven quality durability, Airtel Uganda is saying, Get free Airtel 5GB of internet once you swap your current line to their 4G-LTE SIM cards. This is a good deal for you, I mean, what is the cost of 5G if you are to purchase directly with no promo codes?

Requirements for Swapping

  • The old Airtel SIM card
  • A valid National ID
  • Your phone that supports 4G network

To process and Get free Airtel 5GB, you will head go any Airtel outlet, there are so many Airtel shops across Kampala, one at Lugogo Shoprite, and another one along Kampala road opposite KCB bank. It doesn’t matter, any you visit so long as it’s an official Airtel outlet

You will ask for a SIM card Replacement form that you will fill. Make sure you remember the mostly dialed numbers on the old Airtel SIM card; they usually ask you to list down just three contacts you mostly call. The previous Airtel money transactions you made, balance and the last Airtime recharge you made.

After listing all that and your next of kin, make a line to see the Airtel customer attendants where you will hand over your already filled form plus a copy of your National ID. Airtel as well has a scanner inside so there may not be the need of carrying a photocopy of your National ID. The attendants will help you with that.

Check out this video from Airtel Uganda

At the counter, explain to the customer care attendants that you want to Switch from 3G or 2G to 4G since many people replace for various kinds of reasons such as lost and stolen SIM cards, disconnected SIM cards etc. So specify your reason and you will receive a blank 4G Airtel SIM card.

Replace your old card for Airtel Uganda 4G-LTE SIM card and Get free Airtel 5GB

  • Dial *129# in your old line.
  • Choose Option 1
  • Enter the 20-digit serial number on the back of the blank 4G-LTE SIM card shell.
  • Power down your device and insert the new card.

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