Free ways to easily grow your small business Online with Google Business

Free ways to easily grow your small business Online with Google Business

Have you just started your business and you are wondering how you can make it prosper in just a few steps that may not cost you a single penny? Today I will share with you a few tips on how to do that right away. The steps of how to grow your small business online are simple and effective; everyone else with already prosperous businesses has gone through this.

Why should you care?

The only reasons why you should learn how to grow your small business online without paying a single penny for advert space on websites, or on TV is:

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Your business has just started and it probably cannot support itself for paid ads on televisions and advertising websites or even Radio stations.

You probably have not enough money to register your business in Uganda or any other country depending on the policies of a given country.

You cannot afford to waste money trying out different strategies that can grow your business as yet, you want to limit risks of losses while eyeing growth at the same time

Tips to grow your small business online

Free ways to easily grow your small business Online with Google Business

Choose the right platform

One of the common mistakes that many people do while tending to grow their small business online is choosing a wrong platform for their business website. Choosing a wrong platform means that your business growth is limited in addition to spending more money that won’t give you results.

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Create a simple website for your business

Creating a simple website for your business will not only lay a firm foundation but also keeps your customers updated about your products and the services you provide. A simple website means it has readable content, the designs are not those complicated ones, and you keep your content updated all the time. Get a free website with WordPress, one of the best website builders in the whole world.

Provide your contacts and working hours

Defining the boundaries of your business in terms of the number of days your business is open in a week plus how many hours you work in a day keeps your customers informed about when to get in touch with you.

Another advice is making sure that your business website contains all relevant information about you and every other contacts that your customers can pass through to contact you in any case they want a service, or to if giving feedback about your services.

Build an Email List

Endeavor to collect up email accounts from your customers either through surveys or from a product purchase. These emails will help you notify all your customers about your new comings, or a slight change in the services you provide.

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Most people who leave your business website may never come back again, take a chance to bring them back by asking for their emails and later send them an invitation to revisit. You should however be careful not to spam your customers frequently. The best tool for emailing customers is Mail chimp

Use social Media

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The time you spend chatting in a day can be very productive if you chose to invite your online friends to learn and know about your business. Facebook is a good platform for both growing and already established businesses.

You can choose to create a Facebook page for your business where your customers can get every other information about the business. There are also paid adverts that can help you reach more customers as low as 1USD per day.

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